Stee's "Three - EP" is his most successful launch to date while reaching new fans in the thousands. Reaching this many listeners is most definitely a new frontier for the artist while past releases where always in the high hundreds. What's so special about "Three"? Only the fans hold that answer. There's definitely something special about this EP and it's impact within the Stee universe that wasn't quite there before. 

The "Royal Crown (Kellr Remix)" has been shown MAJOR love from EDM blog "" crossing over into a genre that Stee's never had a presence in. Stee has always been a multi-genre artist but now, people are taking notice. This is only the beginning in the "Three" era so let's ride the wave. Both "Royal Crown" & "Royal Crown (Kellr Remix)" are taking Stee to new heights and the momentum will only grow from here!

Let us know your thoughts on "Three" & your favorite track in the comments below!

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