Production on "The Atypical Playlist" began in November of 2012 with the goal of creating something more authentic to the singer. Stee and MacGuyver sat in the studio and the first idea they came up with was a song called "Cake", later known as "Yum Yum". Production ran until December of 2013 with a total of 11 songs written and produced. By the time Stee's sophomore EP was release, 5 years had gone by since any new material surfaced. The first single "Don't Cha" written & Co-produced by Brooke Danielle, was release in 2014 charting at #14 on the iTunes Pop New Release Chart. Many supporters of Stee had come back and were ready for this new era of music. 

With iTunes comments like these

"Been waiting on this album to drop for a while now..and it DOES NOT disappoint! Can't wait to see what Stee come up with next!!" - T.fizz

"Amazing. Vocals were insane. The diversity is refreshing from the typical albums of artists. Keep up the good work!" - Michaelrodia987654321234567

The writers and producers of "The Atypical Playlist" hit the nail on the head. What a good run this EP has had and everyone here at want to thank you for the out pour of support. Let us know in the COMMENT section, what you're favorite song or moment from "The Atypical Playlist" was. We look forward to seeing what you share!